Behind the Art- The Story

Edwards Art Studio was founded in the heart of New York City by artist and owner Lashawn Edwards.  She has always had a passion for the arts, all arts.  It all started with drawing evening gowns at a young age, painting and sewing with her grandmother and even working as a licensed hair stylist and makeup artist.  In college she realized her talent because of her painting professor's comment on her first piece. 

Her passion for crafting expanded years ago as she  created gifts for relatives over the holidays while unemployed.  She's always had a passion to create. Again in 2020 she started creating gifts for the holidays and realized this was a passion that she could not put down, couldn't let go of and the affinity just keeps growing.  Now she creates fine detailed pieces that she relentlessly works to perfect.  "I want you to have a unique piece that you can truly call your own.  You choose the colors and I make them come to life.  Your piece will be selective and only yours, no duplicates."  

Ultimately, the goal is to give proceeds to inner communities that are economically disadvantaged as they gave to her during trying times.  What she wants you to know is...that you should follow your art because you never know where it can take you.